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Fur Real Pet Odor Eliminator - 32oz Non-Toxic Dog Smell Eliminator for Home, Attacks the Source - Enzymatic Dog Deodorizing Spray for Lingering Smells - Cat Litter Deodorizer and Urine Odor Eliminator for Stubborn Smells

  • GENTLE & PET FRIENDLY - Fur Real has been tested by 3rd party labs as having the lowest toxicity rating on the market! Take care of your furry friends by using the safest carpet odor eliminator possible
  • ATTACK THE SOURCE - Unlike other sprays, our cat urine odor eliminator spray never leaves lasting smells behind. Expect an initial pool smell, and within minutes this zero odor pet odor eliminator removes the root cause of the odor, leaving your surface smelling fresh and odorless!
  • ELIMINATE LINGERING ODORS - Eradicate pet odors from kennels, beds, food storage areas, carpets, vehicles, and more! When we say our dog urine odor eliminator spray works anywhere, we mean ANYWHERE...seriously
  • SPRAY IT & LEAVE IT - Simply spray Fur Real on a surface and let it air dry while it works its magic. There's no need to rinse our pet urine odor eliminator spray with water after use
  • SUPERIOR CHEMISTRY - Our proprietary dog urine enzyme cleaner spray is preferable in every way. Over the past 30 years, our chemistry has been trusted in hospitals, water systems, refineries and more

Powerful But Gentle:

Pure 100 is EPA-registered as a hospital disinfectant and is OMRI
Listed for Organic Use. Pure 100 is strong enough to kill viruses and bacteria but gentle enough for daily disinfecting and sanitizing in your home, health care facility, or business.

Pure 100 is a gentle disinfectant with:
- Neutral pH

- No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

- No Harsh Chemicals

- No Noxious Fumes

Pure 100 is made up of only two ingredients, and one of them is water! The active ingredient is Chlorine Dioxide. The chlorine dioxide chemistry breaks down into water, salt, and oxygen – there are no harsh residual chemicals after spraying. Parents can be confident in using
Pure 100 as a disinfectant that can eliminate viruses and bacteria,
while being gentle for home use!

- Pure 100 is on EPA’s List N for disinfecting Emerging Viral Pathogens.

Eliminates Odors:

Pure 100 doesn’t mask odors with a fragrance. Using oxidation, it eliminates odors by addressing the cause on a molecular level. Pure 100 can eliminate the toughest odors including: pet odors, smoke from fire, tobacco smoke, musty odors, stale-cooking odors, sports gear stench, stale refrigerator odors or any other odors living on hard surfaces. 

Hospital Strength and Effective:

Pure 100 is EPA-registered as a hospital disinfectant in the lowest
toxicity category. Strong enough to kill viruses and bacteria but gentle enough for daily disinfecting and sanitizing in your home, health care facility, or business.Pure 100 is OMRI Listed for organic use, and has the lowest possible toxicity rating in each toxicity category (oral, dermal, inhalation, eye irritation, skin irritation, and dermal sensation).

Spray It & Leave It:

Pure 100 is bottled at full strength and ready to use directly from this spray bottle. It requires no wiping – simply apply to your hard surfaces and let air dry. Pure 100 leaves behind no residue.

Additional Information

Weight 35.2 oz

Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in