The benefit of Pure 100 is that you can use it just about whenever and wherever you want! This spray is characterized by its power to  disinfect hard surfaces.


Just by applying it on desired surfaces through spraying you will have everything clean in seconds, eliminating bacteria, viruses and germs. 


Pure 100 spray is all your needed solutions for cleaning in one. It is friendly with your pets and children’s items as you can clean the items they use, and it is a gentle disinfectant with only two ingredients.


Why not clean your children's toys before and after they are used? Why not clean your floors after your pet comes back from a fun yet dirty walk?


It is a comprehensive disinfectant spray and also very practical. We guarantee that you will see results from the first time you use it! 


Pure 100 is made up of two ingredients and one is water; Pure 100 does not have a long laundry list of items and chemicals you have never heard of. It is powerful enough to disinfect viruses, but gentle enough to be used as an everyday household cleaner.

    July 15, 2022 — Production Social Pop