Bacteria are organisms that reproduce at high speed and can cause diseases in humans. In addition, the existence of viruses that spread through the air can lead to the contagion of a large number of people if optimal hygiene and disinfection are not maintained.

Therefore, carrying out disinfection practices in spaces is essential to guarantee the environmental safety of the area, reducing the spread of diseases. This is why we want the community to know about our spray! We want to maintain this new culture of cleaning.

These are some examples of places in which you can use Pure 100:

  • bathroom counters
  • computers
  • computer keyboards
  • doorknobs
  • faucets and faucet knobs
  • game controllers
  • hard dining chairs, including the arms, back, and seat,
  • kitchen counters
  • light switches
  • table surfaces
  • toilets, including seats and handles,
  • TV remote controls.
  • GYM machines
  • Inside cars
  • Clean the leaves of your plants
  • Kitchen tools such as cutting boards, dishes before washing them and other utensils.
  • Door locks
  • Kids toys 
July 15, 2022 — Production Social Pop