It is important to be aware we only have one planet earth for us to live on. Today we are seeing  how it has been worn out due to misuse and poor care of our environment.

Every day, every second the earth gives us its energy, water and foodfor our well being. If we are not aware of the care we are giving our planet, there may be negative effects on future generations that they will need to deal with. We don't want that!

PureLine as a company knows that when using our Pure 100 spray  that the bottles can be reused with other items after all of the Pure 100 liquid has been used up.,

The more goods we reuse, the more energy we save and the fewer valuable materials we waste. Reusing is an important aspect of the reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy!

Why is recycling plastic important?

  • Just about every plastic can be recycled. 
  • Recycling preserves natural resources.
  • Recycling reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Recycling reduces the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

Do you know how bad odors get in your restaurant? 

Bad odors in a restaurant can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor ventilation, dirty equipment, and neglecting to properly clean and maintain the facility. Here are a few tips for avoiding bad odors in a restaurant:

  1. Ensure proper ventilation: Make sure that your restaurant has adequate ventilation to remove cooking odors and smoke. This can be achieved through the use of exhaust hoods, fans, and open windows.

  1. Keep things clean: Regularly clean and sanitize all equipment and surfaces in the kitchen and dining area. This includes dishes, utensils, ovens, stoves, and floors.

  1. Properly store food: Keep food properly stored to prevent it from spoiling and emitting bad odors. This includes refrigerating or freezing perishable items, keeping dry goods in airtight containers, and properly disposing of any expired or spoiled food.

  1. Maintain the building: Regularly inspect and maintain the building, including plumbing, HVAC, and drainage systems, to prevent leaks or sewage backups which can create unpleasant odors.

  1. Monitor for pests: Regularly check for pests, such as cockroaches, mice, and rats, and take steps to eliminate them if they are present.

  1. Train employees: Train employees on proper cleaning and food handling techniques to ensure that they are aware of the importance of keeping the restaurant clean and free of bad odors.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your restaurant remains free of bad odors and is a pleasant place for your customers to dine. In the case there are lingering odors, consider using Pure 100, an odor eliminating spray that eliminates odor-causing bacteria.

February 02, 2023 — Data SocialPop