On August 2nd, Netflix premiered a gripping documentary that leaves viewers on the edge of theirseats. "Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food" takes a deep dive into Jeff Benedict's investigation during the infamous 1993 E. coli outbreak at Jack-in-the-Box.

But this documentary isn't just about past events; it sheds light on recent outbreaks, giving us crucial insights into food safety in the United States. We'll discover the serious impact of food recalls, not just on food processors' finances, but also on their reputation and brand trust when consumer confidence is shattered. And for us, the consumers, the stakes are even higher - it's our health at risk, with potential serious illnesses, hospitalizations, and tragically, even fatalities!

The Public Health Impact:

Food recalls happen when harmful bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella, or Listeria might be lurking in our food. This is  very serious for our health! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that around 48 million Americans get sick every year from foodborne diseases, with 128,000 ending up in the hospital, and sadly, 3,000 losing their lives. 

The Business Impact:

Imagine being a food and beverage company dealing with a recall. It's a massive financial hit - around $10 million for the recall alone. It also means our trust for brands will be broken which hurts food and beverage companies’ reputation!

Conclusion: Prevention is Key

But it’s not all doom and gloom! Businesses can  prevent food recalls. It's all about being proactive with robust food safety measures - like top-notch decontamination procedures. Our solutions of Pure 100 are useful for disinfecting food contact surfaces. Pure 100 is  effective in keeping food safe at the manufacturing facility and in your home!

Using Pure 100

Pure 100 can be used to disinfect pre-cleaned hard non-porous surfaces. 

Spray it and leave it

Spray Pure 100 liberally on the surfaces you would like to disinfect. You can let Pure 100 air dry, or can wipe the surface dry. There is no need for a subsequent rinse after using Pure 100!

Let’s work together! Put prevention first and usePure 100 to stop bacteria from spreading on surfaces. We can keep foodborne illnesses at bay and ensure everyone enjoys  delicious and safe food.

August 02, 2023 — Alex Whitmore